Giving Back

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Welcome to HaloBiz® & the HaloBiz® Network – the community of like-minded people who value the importance of doing things locally:  of supporting local businesses that support local community organisations that are right behind local people just like you.

This is achieved in many ways - one is through our promise of giving back at least 70% of all advertising revenue to the community – your community. search here first.  Let your heart do the talking!

HaloBiz® research revealed that many businesses make a significant contribution to local community organisations and that most people want to be able to support these businesses but they don’t know who they are or where to find them.  

Not all businesses have websites and those that do, don’t always list their community involvement on them.  That, coupled with the fact that everyone’s just so busy, means that often times you’re making do with whoever you can find when you’d far rather choose someone who shares common interests.  
HaloBiz® wants to help!  It's therefore made it easy for you to be able to find your next butcher, baker or candle-stick maker based on a heart decision…all you have to do is use the HaloBiz® online business and community directory to find them... 

You can visit the HaloBiz YouTube channel here and watch some of the videos of businesses who're right into their local community organisations.

Now, for the very first time, you can find out who’s supporting whom:  simply look up your favourite community organisation and see which businesses have nominated their 70% to go to them.  

Of course, in days gone by, just about everyone knew everyone else in their community – if you needed your window repaired a friend would know who the best local glazer was.  
In today’s warp-speed world, sadly, that isn’t always the case:  populations are transient, lives are crammed and we’ve lost the “connectedness” with our neighbours that our parents and grandparents took for granted.  

HaloBiz® is all about encouraging people, businesses and communities to reconnect like they used to, but in a 21st century way; by using the best technology can offer whilst, at the same time, adding heart and soul to the mix. 


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